History & Heritage

Anoskeli is a small rural village located at an altitude of 250m, covered in olive groves, vineyards, lemon and orange trees. In the small village of Anoskeli, the Mamidakis siblings were born, at a time of scarce resources and dim prospects for the future. Defying all obstacles they managed to educate themselves and move to Athens in order to build a new life from scratch. During the 60’s, under the leadership of older brothers Kyriakos, Georgios and Nikolaos, the family became actively involved in the petroleum sector and gradually founded one of the largest petroleum trading companies in Greece. Despite increasing success in all their various entrepreneurial activities, the family remained true to its place of origin and to its traditions.

Olive oil production has been a family tradition practiced for more than three generations. In 1983 ANOSKELI S.A. was founded, while in 1988 the village's old olive mill was bought and reconstructed for private use. At that time, olive oil production was undertaken as a continuation of the family tradition and as a “hobby” in order to cover the needs of family and friends.

Gradually, local farmers started to bring in their olives for elision. As time went by production volumes increased and the reputation of ANOSKELI’S extra virgin olive oil grew in popularity. In 2004 Anoskeli S.A. decided to proceed with a second reconstruction of the olive oil plant and to purchase its first bottling machine. With time, the family also expanded its agricultural activities into the production of Cretan wine by cultivating vineyards scattered around the village of Anoskeli. Ιn 2009 a winery plant was built, further reconstruction of the olive oil plant was concluded as well as an extension to house a modern bottling line and new machinery. The offices and Wine Tasting room were finalized only in 2014.

Anoskeli S.A. has managed to construct a technologically advanced olive oil factory and a modern boutique winery and to trade its products in Greek and international markets thus honoring and promoting the family’s birthplace.

Being that the village of Anoskeli is exclusively residential, with diminishing population due to a continuous movement of villagers to more urbanized areas, it was the family’s ambition to build a space that could attract and welcome visitors. As such, a Tasting Area, including a room and terrace, was constructed to welcome guests who wish to experience the company's products and become acquainted with the production procedure of olive oil and wine. Art and photography exhibitions as well as other social events are hosted from time to time, thereby bringing life to the village.

Despite the increase in production volumes and the growth in the business activity, Anoskeli S.A. remains a fully family-run business with a focus on excellent quality, traditional values and support of the local society.